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With the reopening of Bundesliga, other major leagues have also announced plans to resume work: La Liga plans to restart on June 11, Premier League plans to restart on June 17, Serie A plans to restart the Coppa Italia on June 13, and the league on June 20... …Looking at this dazzling array of resumption plans, the fans said, ah, our youth is back.


However, if you pay attention to the epidemics in these European countries, you will find that there are still 500 to 1,000 new additions per day in West German pears, the United Kingdom has maintained a sustained and stable increase of 2,000+ per day, and the Premier League has three consecutive rounds of nucleic acid testing. A player was found to be positive. When there are still many risks in the empty game, why do they rush to restart?


The reason is simple-the team is out of money. The game is no longer played, but the rent has to be paid, the wages have to be paid, the turf has to be maintained, and the players' wages are still high after the drop. Football is like a huge ecological chain. The game is sunshine, water and air, and all other creatures that leave this foundation will die. More than two months after the suspension of the league, many clubs in Europe are on the verge of bankruptcy or have gone bankrupt, and they may never start without restarting.


On April 21, 2020, the Lyle Club declared bankruptcy. This club from the second-tier league in Wales, England has a history of 142 years. Since entering the 21st century, the Lyle team has won the Welsh Premier League twice in 2004 and 2009, and thus obtained the opportunity to participate in the UEFA Champions League qualification.


Although the results are good, this Welsh team has always been linked to the word "poverty". In 2010, the Lyle Club was forced to relegation due to the financial crisis. Although the team returned to the top league in 2013, it was relegated again only 4 years later.

尽管结果很好,但这个威尔士团队始终与“贫穷”一词联系在一起。 2010年,由于金融危机,莱尔俱乐部被迫降级。尽管球队在2013年重返顶级联赛,但仅在4年后就再次降级。

Being in a small league that cannot rely on broadcast rights for a living, Lyle's income in recent years has mainly relied on tickets + sponsorship + fundraising. With the suspension of the game, all financial resources have been cut off. Although the Football Association of Wales has provided Lyle with micro-loan support, it is still unable to fill the club's "huge" deficit of 170,000 pounds. In the case of the stadium owner's refusal to sell the stadium for credit, the team's board of directors decided: the club enters the bankruptcy liquidation process.


This 100-year-old shop can no longer wait for his 143rd birthday.


Zilina is a traditional strong team in the Slovak League, with 113 years of team history. Inter Milan’s main central defender Skriniar and Newcastle United goalkeeper Dubravka all made their debut here. Since 2000, Zilina has won 5 championships and 3 runner-ups in the league. He has played in European competitions for years and has twice entered the Champions League main match in the 2010-11 and 2017-18 seasons. A year ago, they had a friendly match with Guangzhou Evergrande and defeated the Chinese Super League hegemon 2:0. In the past few years, they have repeatedly played against teams such as the National Youth League and Shandong Luneng in the offseason.


Before the suspension of the season, Zilina ranked second in the Slovak League standings. But after pressing the rest of the game, Zilina also suffered a financial crisis. According to the team's disclosure, in order to tide over the difficulties, the club gave the players two choices: one is to cut salary by 80%, and the other is to leave for free. However, as many as 17 players on the first team cannot accept such a large salary cut. Therefore, the unable to support the Zilina team can only choose to terminate the contract with these 17 players.


On April 1, Zilina, who had been layoffs significantly, was still unable to come up with the basic funds for the operation of the team and officially declared bankruptcy. Because, "Our 2020 budget is based on the club's transfer income this summer, and now this part of the income is likely to be close to zero."


Last year, Zilina sold the rising star Bozenico to the Eredivisie Feyenoord for 4.6 million euros. The team was able to rely on this money to live a comfortable life for several years, but Feyenoord has only paid 1/10. The remaining 90% of the transfer fee is paid in installments.

去年,齐利纳以460万欧元的价格将后起之秀Bozenico卖给了Eredivisie Feyenoord。车队能够依靠这笔钱过上好几年的亚搏官网app登录录口生活,但费耶诺德只支付了1/10。其余90%的转让费将分期支付。

Unfortunately, the team can no longer wait for this balance...


The Belgian second division club Lokeren was founded in 1923 and has a history of 97 years. This team has always been the backbone of the Belgian Serie A, having just been relegated from Belgium last season.


With the impact of the downgrade and the loss of the epidemic, Lokeren has been looking for new investors around the world since February. It was once rumored that Chinese investors might buy shares, but with the global spread of the epidemic and the suspension of flights, this matter has not stopped. . On April 22, the Belgian District Court officially announced that the Lokeren Sports Club had failed to find a sponsor in time, making it impossible to pay off its 5 million euro debt and bankrupt. Luis de Vries, president of the Lokeren Club, said he accepted the court’s decision and did not intend to appeal.

由于降级和疫情丧失的影响,Lokeren自2月以来一直在全球范围内寻找新的投资者。曾经有传言称中国投资者可能会购买股票,但是随着这种流行病在全球的蔓延和航班的中止,这一事件并未停止。 。 4月22日,比利时地方法院正式宣布,洛克伦体育俱乐部未能及时找到赞助商,因此无法偿还500万欧元的债务并破产。洛克伦俱乐部主席路易斯·德弗里斯(Luis de Vries)说,他接受了法院的裁决,无意上诉。

When the team is gone, the players lose their jobs. Two Japanese stars, Jun Amano and Ryota Koike, who played for Locken, have encountered the embarrassment of not having a ball to play-the dream of staying in Europe has been shattered, and the transfer windows of various countries including Japan have been closed. If you want to complete the transaction, you can only wait for FIFA to approve the bankruptcy transfer exception.

球队走后,球员丢了工作。为Locken效力的两位日本球星Jun Amano和Ryota Koike遇到了没有球打球的尴尬-留在欧洲的梦想已经破灭,包括日本在内的各个国家的转会窗口已经关闭。如果要完成交易,则只能等待FIFA批准破产转移例外。

Fortunately, after waiting for more than a month, FIFA released the pass. On May 29th, Jun Amano and Ryota Koike moved back to Yokohama Mariners together.

幸运的是,在等待一个多月后,FIFA释放了通行证。 5月29日,Jun Amano和Ryota Koike一起搬回了横滨水手队。

Except for those small league teams that mainly rely on tickets for their livelihoods, the most unbearable ones are those teams that have financial difficulties.


According to the "Munich Daily" report, Schalke 04's debt before the suspension of the league was as high as 198 million euros, and of which 83.1 million euros will expire within the next year. With the suspension of the league, market depression, and players unable to sell prices, Schneider, the manager of Schalke 04 recently took office, said: "Schalke is indeed sick. This epidemic has hit us very hard."


In order to alleviate the club's financial crisis, all Schalke 04 players first gave up one-third of their salary during the lockout period, and then accepted another one-third of their salary. Schalke 04 publicly stated to the outside world that the current financial situation of the team is in crisis. If the Bundesliga does not resume, the team will soon be on the verge of bankruptcy. After the Bundesliga restarted, the club still publicly urged the 44,000 season ticket holders to stay in the same boat with the team and give up ticket refunds for the remaining four home games.

为了缓解俱乐部的财务危机,所有Schalke 04球员在停赛期间首先放弃了三分之一的薪水,然后又接受了三分之一的薪水。沙尔克04向外界公开表示该车队当前的财务状况正处于危机中。如果德甲没有恢复,那么球队将很快处于破产边缘。德甲重新开始后,俱乐部仍然公开敦促44,000个赛季的持票人与球队同在一条船上,并放弃剩余的四场主场比赛的门票退款。

In this regard, Schalke’s 04-year-old rival Dortmund CEO Watzke said: “If Schalke needs it, we as direct neighbors will be very helpful.” “I believe that Schalke is capable of overcoming the difficulties. I don’t want to see the Bundesliga lose a club with a deep tradition, we will fight for it."

在这方面,沙尔克04岁的竞争对手多特蒙德公司首席执行官瓦茨克说:“如果沙尔克需要,我们作为直接邻居将非常有帮助。” “我相信沙尔克能够克服困难。我不想看到德甲失去一支有着悠久传统的俱乐部,我们会为此而战。”

This crisis caused two old enemies in the Ruhr area to stand together.


In fact, all major European leagues and minor leagues are facing bankruptcy crises, large and small, but teams with weaker families erupt faster.


—— According to "Kicker" magazine, before the restart of the league, in addition to the critical situation of Schalke 04, three other Bundesliga clubs may arrange to appoint bankruptcy trustees in June. The situation of the Bundesliga League is even more embarrassing. If the game cannot be restarted before the end of May and the cooperative media cannot pay the copyright fee (instalment), there will be 7 clubs filed for bankruptcy in May; if the broadcaster cannot pay the copyright fee (instalment) If so, two clubs will file for bankruptcy in June.


—— Bernard Cajazo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Saint-Etienne, said, “If the government does not assist the team, half of the teams will go bankrupt in half a year.” “Now the Ligue 1 teams have no income, tickets Everything is gone, and the broadcast revenue is still 170 million euros less. The most important thing is that Ligue 1 teams can't sell many people this summer, because other leagues have no money to buy people on a large scale."

-圣艾蒂安监事会主席伯纳德·卡亚佐(Bernard Cajazo)说:“如果政府不协助车队,那么一半的车队将在半年后破产。”现在,Ligue 1球队没有收入,门票一切都消失了,转播收入仍然少1.7亿欧元。最重要的是,Ligue 1球队今年夏天不能卖掉很多人,因为其他联赛没有钱大规模购买人。”

—— Premier League Burnley Club Chairman Garrick said in an interview: If the remaining home games cannot be played, the team's funds will be exhausted in August, and Burnley will go bankrupt.


Therefore, it is not that the major European leagues ignore life and health...


In fact, it has a bearing on life and death.






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